The new KPIs – How to keep people informed, involved, interested and inspired in business

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Keep People Informed, Keep People Involved, Keep People Interested & Keep People Inspired

Welcome to the era of corporate engagement!

At the intersection of communication, collaboration and motivation, four new KPIs stand out.

Let’s discover how they are revolutionizing the way we work.

Ready for an overview?

Today, an effective and efficient company is one that is able to engage its employees.

This is based on four essential pillars: Information, Involvement, Interest and Inspiration, which can be transformed into innovative KPIs.

Keep People Informed

Information is the fuel of the modern enterprise.

Employees need to be aware of the latest news, decisions made and projects in progress.

This promotes informed decision making and better coordination of actions.

KPIs to monitor?

The read rate of internal communications, or the number of questions asked at meetings, indicating active interest.

Keep People Involved

Involvement is the key to motivation.

By involving employees in decisions, you reinforce their sense of belonging and their commitment.

A KPI to watch?

The participation rate in collaborative initiatives, such as brainstorming or cross-functional projects.

Keep People Interested

Interest in the work done is a performance driver.

We must stimulate everyone’s curiosity and desire to learn.

How can we measure this?

By the rate of training voluntarily followed, or the number of spontaneous proposals for improvement.

Keep People Inspired

Inspiration is what drives people to move forward, to innovate, to excel.

It can be fueled by charismatic leaders, challenging projects or a strong corporate culture.

Potential KPI?

The number of innovative ideas proposed or the job satisfaction rate.

By integrating these four aspects into your KPIs, you give a new dimension to your company.

It’s a concrete way to measure and improve employee engagement, for better performance and a more fulfilling work environment.

So, are you ready to take action?